The artwork of Taly Katz
centers around the bold use of
color and texture, creating
non-representational paintings
that enhance the surrounding
environment and engage the
viewer. Minimal yet powerful, her
paintings create a certain mood
within a space, from striking to
calming. They beckon the viewer
to come closer to discover the
different layers within the
textural surfaces.

Taly concentrates on exploring
natural contrasts in her work,
including vibrant and neutral
colors, light and dark shades,
heavy and light texture. She not
only explores the contrast of the
elements within each piece, but
creates a contrast of intensity
and tranquility in the tone of the
pieces and in how they engage
with their surroundings.

Offering only original artwork,
Taly works with acrylic paint and
mixed media on canvas.
Periodically themes and found
objects are incorporated into
the pieces, with imagery such as
architecture, nature and music.
Interior designers,
architects and art
professionals find Taly’s
artwork ideal for
commission as well as
consignment. Clients are
encouraged to select
specific colors or themes
to incorporate into the
final pieces. Taly assists
her clients in achieving the
visual realization of their
projects, with
consideration for style,
scale, colors and budget.

The placement of a piece
created by Taly Katz is
sure to generate a
powerful presence in any

All images Copyright of Taly Katz 2015, all rights reserved.